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What is counseling, and why should I consider going?


Counseling is a process where you can resolve patterns of thinking, feeling and relating to others which are no longer helpful. You may be experiencing conflict with others, or internal feelings of shame, hopelessness, or fear. You should consider going to counseling if you haven’t been able to work through your thoughts and feelings on your own, or with a trusted other. 


Why should I see a LPC (and what does that stand for)?


A licensed, professional counselor (LPC) is an objective, trained person who can help you identify and work through unhealthy and unhelpful patterns of thinking, relating, and/or feeling. This is done through a variety of therapeutic approaches and interventions which will be discussed with you. LPCs have pursued graduate education and experience in counseling, have passed a rigorous licensure process, and are required to complete continuing education. LACs (Licensed Associate Counselors) are counselors who have graduated with their Masters or Doctorate degree and are working under supervision as required by the state. 


What is Christ-centered clinical counseling?


Christ-centered clinical counseling is professional counseling from a Biblical worldview. We believe the Bible is the Word of God, and that ultimately our problems result from sin, both our own sin, and the sins of others against us. We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, and that He died to reconcile us to His Father. Through an empathetic, genuine, therapeutic relationship, our goal as Christian counselors is to model a Christ-centered, balanced life led by the Holy Spirit. In addition, we assist clients in connecting in a deeper way with God, themselves, and others. Often, clients are blocked in their relationships because of past experiences and the beliefs they now hold as a result of those experiences. While identifying and changing those beliefs is important, many times it isn’t enough. Clients need to reprocess traumatic events and experience the love, grace, mercy, and truth of God in those moments.


What is listening prayer?


Listening prayer is a non-directive, Holy Spirit-led time where the client and the counselor invite God to minister to the client in a particular area, and wait (listen) to receive from Him. For example, many clients come in carrying false responsibility for someone in their lives. After processing why the client feels responsible, there is an opportunity to allow God to take His rightful place as God/Savior for that person, instead of the client. The client is invited to give the false responsibility to God and trust Him to take care of the person. Then we listen/wait for how God wants to minister freedom to the client. This is profoundly healing for many clients. Of course, participating in any intervention, including spiritual interventions, is voluntary and only when the client feels comfortable. 

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